Spark-Blocking Felts for Metallurgical Dust Collectors

Sparks and live particles can severely damage filter bags in metallurgical dust collectors. In severe cases, fires can occur causing additional damage to sheet metal, tubesheets, cages and related components.

Testori Felt can solve bag damage problems when mechanical fixes are not successful or cannot be implemented. Testori, and its related bag fabricating partners, offer two materials to protect filter bags and counteract sparks in a dust collector:

  • TH 551 “Firetes” is a polyester felt with a top layer of pre-oxidized fiber as aprotective barrier on the cake or filtering side of the media. “Pre-ox” fibers are best known for their use in ablative shields in early spacecraft, protecting the capsule and its inhabitants from the high re-entry temperatures. Firetes felt would be recommended for the heaviest or most severe spark environments and can be used up to 150° C/302° F where standard polyester could also be used.
  • T 552 EKU is also a polyester felt but with a totally unique approach to spark problems. EKU attacks sparks chemically with a process that interrupts the combustion reaction, which causes the flame or spark, and effectively turns H and OH radicals into H2O. For a full description of the EKU treatment on polyester felt, and how it performs, see our related case history and EKU bulletin.

Both felts are available in sample form for evaluation. Pricing can be presented to help solve your specific operating or process spark problem.

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