Specialty Felts for Dust Collection

In addition to Testori's Treated Felts for Dust Collection, we offer a number of options, unique felt designs, special scrims and fiber blends to meet industry requirements, new technology demands and ever changing environmental standards. Above all, Testori felts provide high quality scrim supported, densely needled felts in the European tradition, customized and adapted to North American market needs.

A few of Testori's unique products include:

  • A) A wide variety of scrims, tailored for strength, durability, chemical resistance and/or resistance to elongation and shrinkage. Testori scrims include both spun and multi-filament yarn constructions, all fiber groups and a variety of weights and thread counts.
  • B) Special fiber blends to meet efficiency and flow requirements. Testori blends and/or layers fibers of varying sizes, including microdenier, fine denier, standard and coarse denier fibers for specific end use applications. High efficiency standards and emission warranties must be offset by manageable flow rates, pressure drops and effective dust cake release. Testori's expertise lies in its ability to balance all necessary requirements in a project.
  • C) Filter media surfaces also impact media performance in service. Testori's mechanical surface treatments include singeing, from light to heavy, glazing and plain. Each surface concept is designed to provide optimum cake release and dust “clean out” of the felt, extending media and bag life.
  • D) Finishing with various treatments completes the “Specialty Felt” concept. All Testori chemical bath and surface coatings may be added to the unique felt designs to produce a truly customized product.

Testori's wide range of fibers, fiber blends, scrims, weights, surfaces and chemical treatments provides bag converters and end users with solutions and options for all applications from the simplest bin vent to the most complicated utility boiler application.

We are committed to providing superior recommendations and technical support to the bag fabricating industry and end user clients. Looking for product applications, bag and dust analysis, training or warehousing information? Click here to contact us.