Liquid Filtration Felts

Testori believes that needled felts, specifically designed for liquid filtration, can replace woven fabrics in many types of liquid process fillers. These include filter presses and other pressure filters, belt filters, rotary drum and rotary vacuum filters, among others. Felts in liquid can offer significant operational advantages such as greater durability, longer life, reaching steady state faster, low filtrate solids and greater adaptability to fluctuating process conditions.

Unlike dust collection, where a few basic felt designs may meet the needs of the commodity market applications, felts in liquid filtration may range significantly in specification. "One size fits all" does not work in the myriad of liquid filtration applications potentially available for solutions or improvement. Testori's approach is to work with individual filter media converters and develop unique materials for individual applications.

We welcome inquiries from the converting community for this type of developmental project. Contact us here to further discuss your needs in liquid filtration.