Technical Support | Training

Testori offers a full spectrum of laboratory and technical services. (See our Laboratory Services Brochure.) In addition to Q.C. related testing, the lab performs failed media and competitive product analyses. The lab has the equipment necessary to run all conventional textile tests plus more sophisticated evaluations with bubble point and VDI dust challenge testing.

To support our client base, Testori offers the knowledge and expertise of a number of experienced technical staff members. We can provide technical recommendations for difficult projects, analysis of lab results and warranties when required.

Training rounds out the full range of Testori technical support. Customized training for the recognition of problem applications, remedies for those problems and how to sell specialty products are included. Seminars can be designed for any group, from new employees to the most sophisticated technical audience. Training sessions usually include PowerPoint slides, samples and demonstrations of unique media properties.

We are committed to providing superior recommendations and technical support to the bag fabricating industry and end user clients. Looking for product applications, bag and dust analysis, or warehousing information? Contact us. An outline of a typical training seminar is available here.