Woven Fabric for Liquid Filtration

Testori's mill in Italy is known for its high quality fabrics for liquid filtration. The mill weaves the complete range of fiber types used in industrial filtration today: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, PVC, PVDF, PTFE. Yarn types are mono, multi and spun. Combinations of these yarn types are available in a number of finished fabric designs. Weave patterns from plain to complicated finish off the basic weaving program along with widths up to 2.2 m/87".

What distinguishes Testori's weaving operation from its competitors is its flexibility, wide range of materials and relatively low minimum order requirements.

From a more technical perspective, Testori weaves products with:

We also weave a full range of anti-static fabrics for applications such as Glatt dryer bags.

Scrims for our needle felts are another product unique to Testori's mill. Making our own scrims gives Testori greater flexibility and an advantage in development and production of more technical felts. Testori's total integration of yarn, scrim, fabrics and felt production is unique in North America and Europe.

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