Over 100 Years of Technical Innovation in the Industrial Fabric and Filtration Industry

Testori USA is part of the Testori Group, an innovator in technical textiles for industrial filtration for over 100 years. Testori USA supplies felts and woven material to manufacturers who convert it into dust collector bags, air slides, liquid filters and other products for industry.

Testori Group has extensive experience with the filtration needs of many industries including cement, aluminum, power generation, primary metals, pharmaceuticals, food and waste water. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our First 100 Years of Entrepreneurial History
Giovanni Antonio Testori starts felt production for handmade paper manufacturing.
Testori in Novate Milanese - The brothers Giacomo and Edoardo Testori establish the company still bearing their name, for the production of filtration fabrics and panels for seed oil pressing.
The Twenties
Specialization in industrial filtration
The Societá Anonima Fratelli Testori (S.A.F.T.) - full name of the company - becomes the leading supplier of National Oil Mills belonging to the Genoese businessman Gerolamo Gaslini. In 1927, led by engineer Angelo Testori, industrial filtration becomes the company's primary operation.
Testori makes an agreement with Binet (a French company producing felts for paper mills) and develops the manufacture of woolen fabrics for gas filtration.
The Fifties and Sixties
Diversifying Applications
The company produces felts and fabrics for liquid and gas filtration for a wide range of industrial fields (chemical, metals, pharmaceutical, pollution control).
The Seventies
Using new synthetic fibers invented in the US, Testori was one of the first in Europe to start up production of needle felt for filtration. The first needle felt line was installed in 1971, followed, in 1973, by the pioneering use of thermo-welding bag seaming techniques.
The Eighties and Nineties
Growth and internationalization
The company improves its efficiency and introduces modern automation systems for its production processes, increases its position in the domestic and international markets, striking agreements, making acquisitions and setting-up joint-ventures. Between 1996 and 2000, the companies Tessitura Quadrelli, Tessitura Euganea, Filter Tex were acquired and Toscana Filtri was founded. Abroad, TTL France was acquired in 2000; TTL specialized in gas filtration with hi-tech fibers and is a world leader in the production of multi-channel bags for the aluminum industry. Furthermore, an extensive network of sales agents guarantees service and support throughout the world.
Consolidation of R&D and customer service
Testori Group is the leader in its domestic market of industrial filtration and a key player in Europe. Using integrated processes, it assures control over the entire production process. The R&D activities promote the development and use of ever higher performance fibers to keep abreast of the evolution of market needs and customer expectations.
Excellence and internationalization
The new ownership and the new managing director are bringing a wealth of experience and financial health to the Testori Group, in order to become a benchmark in the worldwide market for products and services in liquid and gas filtration. The leverage used to achieve excellence are: investments in capital equipment, human resources and internationalization projects (new companies in the USA and Emirates). Vertically integrated production and wide ranging presence in the global market are the two key factors for Testoriís future growth.