Kleentes “KL” Treatment for Oil/Water Repellency of Dust Collection Fabric

Testori's “Kleentes” treatment is applied in an aqueous bath containing fluorocarbon resins. After immersion, the excess water is squeezed out and the felt is run through a dryer to link the polymers to the individual fibers of the felt.

Kleentes is typically applied to polyester and hompolymer acrylic felts for dust collection and to polyproprylene and polyester felts for liquid filtration. Every fiber in the felt media has a micro-coating of fluorocarbon.

Main Characteristics
  • Fibers are individually coated with fluorocarbon chemicals, not a “surface” coating.
  • Fluorocarbon resin is firmly bonded to the fibers making the treatment durable and non-migrating.
  • Glazed cake side surface further aides cake release. (Optional singed cake side also available)
  • Kleentes finish repels water and oil (hydrophonic and oleophobic).
  • Resists binding or plugging due to wet, sticky or oily dusts/gas streams.
  • Improves dust cake release in a wide range of applications.
  • Provides limited protection from chemical attack by encapsulating each fiber.
End Uses:

Dryers with high moisture gas streams; clay, cement & lime, chemical processing, food and pharmaceuticals; metalurgical fume, soap & detergents, stearates.

Download pdf of Kleentes literature.