Mantes “MT” PTFE Bath Treatment for Dust Collection Felts

The “Mantes” finish from Testori is a PTFE bath treatment which encapsulates the individual fibers of a felt. The finishing process also forms tiny PTFE fibrils between the larger fibers of the felt. The combination of fiber coating and added fibrils increases the filtration surface area, correspondingly increasing filtration efficiency of the media. Lab tests also show a reduction in pore size when comparing Mantes treated felt to the same media without treatment.

Mantes is normally associated with high temperature felts such as those made from aramid, PPS, P84 and PTFE fibers. However, Mantes can also be added to lower temperature fibers such as polyester and homopolymer acrylic.

Main Characteristics
  • Suitable for all fibers, high and low temperature.
  • Higher efficiency vs. non-treated versions of same felt.
  • No loss of permeability or flow.
  • Smooth cake side surface.
  • Adds protection against light concentrations of sparks or live particles.
  • Increases resistance to hydrolysis and chemical attack.
End Uses:

Incinerators, utility and industrial boilers, cement, steel, non-ferrous metals, primary and secondary metals.

Download pdf of Mantes literature.