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Figure 2
Novates Embedded Urethane Treatment for Dust Collection Fabric

Testoriís “Novates” is a urethane based, “partially embedded” surface treatment typically applied to polyester and homopolymer acrylic needle felts.

What distinguishes Novates from other surface treatments is its application. By partially embedding the emulsion during treatment, Novates retains a portion of the fibrous filtration (fig. 1) of a needled felt while adding the higher separation structure of the cellular urethane (fig. 2).

“Super Novates,” a higher temperature version of Novates, is also available on aramid and PPS felts and usable up to 375° F/190° C.

Main Characteristics
  • Temperature limit for gas stream 275° F/135° C.
  • Higher efficiency when separating fine or sticky dusts.
  • Excellent solution for fibrous dust and agglomerating dust.
  • Surface separation instead of depth filtration.
  • Emissions below 1 mg/Nm3 or .0004 grains/dscf possible with certain dusts.
End Uses:

Fibrous dusts (both organic and synthetic); sticky dusts, battery manufacturing; stearates and resins; minerals; chemicals.

Download pdf of Novates literature.