Rhytes “RH” PTFE Bath and Oil/Water Repellent Treatment for Dust Collector Felts

Rhytes is a combination of specialty chemical treatments and represents the ultimate in treatments for high temperature felts. Testori uses both PTFE and fluorocarbon resin to completely encapsulate the fibers while forming additional fibrils between fibers and providing the cake release/oil & water repellency of a fluorocarbon bath treatment. The combination of finishes is dried and cured to securely bond it to all fiber surface area in a needle felt.

Typically, Rhytes is applied to the high temperature fiber group: aramid, PPS and P84. This fiber group is used in the most difficult applications where long life, high efficiency and resistance to many forms of chemical, hydrolytic and oxidative attack is required.

Main Characteristics
  • Combines increased efficiency with oil & water repellency.
  • Temperature resistant to 500° F/260&de C.
  • Oil and water repellent (hydrophobic and oleophobic).
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Provides protection from aggressive gas stream components which could attack fiber polymers.
  • Contributes to longer bag life.
End Uses:

High temperature applications in incinerators, industrial and utility boilers; chemical process; gypsum, cement & lime; aggressive gas stream conditions.

Download pdf of Rhytes literature.